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From consultation to celebration, Stout Design Build is your creative partner.

In the zone

Stout Design Build seamlessly integrates your indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Your Home

Explore our interior and architectural renovation projects and you will find that each has its own unique story filled with special details that emerged throughout the design-build process. Our job is to work with you to find the throughline of your story and craft a personal experience that exemplifies the California lifestyle. Are the outdoors flowing inward or vice versa?

Outdoor Living

Explore our exterior renovations and landscapes and you will learn how we turn every square foot of your property into useable space for your friends and family. Outdoor entertainment spaces and gardens like these are the ultimate examples of living the Southern California dream. Learn more about how you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle while conserving natural resources.


Enjoy these beautiful gardens that use less water, but don’t look dry; they are lush, colorful, and evergreen because they use the principles of the Watershed Approach to landscaping. We build healthy soil, capture rainwater as a resource, select climate-appropriate plants, and use the most efficient supplemental irrigation to create truly resilient outdoor environments.


Since 2000 the Stout Design Build team has been an instrumental force in transforming the California urban environment, creating magic and responsible living spaces. And for the past fourteen years, Tom has been developing properties, building and renovating homes in the Los Angeles area as a private real estate investor. This insight into creating real value in a property is brought forward to every Stout Design Build client. As a licensed general, landscape, and pool contractor, Tom brings his professional knowledge and expertise to each environment allowing the Stout Design Build team to specialize in a fusion of form, function, and sustainability.

Design Inspiration

Where to begin? Book a consultation and explore these ideas.