Mediterranean Mid Wilshire

Our Process

This Los Angeles Spanish-style house had a simple garage in the back that we converted to a Spanish-style Adu to match the house. We added a bathroom in the back of the garage as well as the facade over the old garage door. We removed the old garage door with a large window and door facing the barbecue area. This allowed the space to be much more functional. Once the old driveway was removed we were able to add the barbecue against the property line wall with Spanish accent tiles. 


The client’s family member works for Caliber the appliance company, and their products turned out great. The barbecue lid opens up and actually disappears behind the barbecue. 


For the patio- we added some much-needed shade to the wood framework and added heaters. Now they have a four-season space with decorative lighting. We use some primary colored pots to tie in with the barbecue equipment and Mediterranean theme. Putting the fountain and the back area of the property provides a focal point, and a relaxing sound throughout the space. We completed this project just before the covid lockdowns and the clients couldn’t be happier with our work.